Commonly Asked Questions About Stained Concrete

Stained concrete has become an increasingly popular solution for Overland Park, Kansas, businesses that desire a professional space. For virtually all types of businesses, stained concrete is a superior solution. However, to better understand this option and determine if it is right for your business, consider some of the most commonly asked questions.

Top Questions That People Ask About Stained Concrete

These are the top questions that Overland Park, Kansas, business owners ask about stained concrete.

  • Why is stained concrete so popular for coloring concrete? – When interested in achieving unique decorative effects, this solution is ideal. With a wide range of color options, as well as special effects, you can completely transform your space based on personal preference.
  • Is the color of stained concrete really that impressive? – Absolutely. Instead of an opaque color that resembles paint, stained concrete actually permeates the concrete. Once infused, the surface has rich translucent tones that are stunning. Keep in mind that because of different compositions in concrete, the same color will produce one-of-a-kind aesthetics from one application to the next.
  • Are there limitations to stained concrete? One of the many reasons that so many people choose stained concrete is that it can be installed to any horizontal or vertical surface, both indoors and outdoors. For example, you might create a gorgeous stained concrete floor that immediately makes clients feel welcomed and then provide employees with a stained concrete patio to enjoy while on break, having lunch, or holding casual meetings.
  • Are there different options? – When it comes to stained concrete, you can choose between acid- and water-based. Both work well indoors and outdoors. In addition, both can be applied to old or new concrete, as well as plain or integrally colored. To determine the best solution for your project, talk to the experts with Polished and Decorative Concrete.