Benefits of Concrete Flooring

Today modern design and low maintenance requirements provide an excellent opportunity for the Concrete Floor.  Concrete Floors are not only durable, they offer a wide range of color choices, design options and surface finishes.

Concrete floors are not the boring grey cold slabs you might suspect.  Concrete can be warm, enticing, glamorous, and high end.  Concrete starts off as a grey material made of cement, aggregate and water, but can become a decorative custom concrete floor or your choice.  With the addition of color, patterns and texture you will enjoy a wonderful finished concrete floor that will last the test of time.

Concrete is not only beautiful it is also cost effective.  Compared to many man made or imported floor materials, concrete is locally available and reasonably prices.  While trendy hardwood floors can run in the $14-20 per square foot range concrete can lead to significant savings while offering a better more durable finish.

Options in concrete flooring include:

  • Polished Concrete
  • Stained Concrete
  • Integrally Colored Concrete
  • Dyed Concrete
  • Patterned Concrete
  • Coated or Painted Concrete
  • Polished concrete overlays

One other element to concrete floors is their ability to help reduce allergens.  Concrete floors are hard surfaces and are easy to clean and maintain.  Unlike carpeting that can harbor bugs, dust mites and pet dander that reap havoc on those with allergies and are sensitive to dust and dirt.