Polished Stained Concrete

Benefits Of Polished Stained Concrete

Stained concrete floors are done to create a natural earthy color that creates a mottled and variegated finish to concrete.  

The permanent coloration is mixed with an acid, solvent, and/or water based stain that etches and deposits a mineral coloration deep into the concrete’s surface.  

Stained concrete floors are a cost effective and efficient way to add color while providing a finish to otherwise dull grey concrete.  The process involves mechanical prepping the concrete surface for application.  the application is done with sprayers and microfiber mops. Once applied takes anywhere from 1-8 hours to penetrate within the concrete itself.  Once the stain has penetrated the concrete, any residue from the stain is removed by the polishing process.  the resulting polished finish can then be sealed for additional protection and stain resistance.

Multiple colors can be blended or used to create a wide range of colors and patterns.  Additional options might include, diamond cut patterns, logos, high gloss or satin finishes and more.