Tips for Choosing the Right Colored Epoxy Coatings in Kansas

After deciding on the installation of epoxy coatings in your Kansas home or business, you need to choose the right color. Obviously, color adds character and personality. Beyond aesthetics, epoxy coatings provide numerous benefits, such as being strong, durable, and versatile. This coating is also wear-, chemical-, grease-, and stain-resistant, making it ideal for basements, garages, and mechanic shops.

Epoxy Coatings in Kansas Garages

Even in a personal garage, you want the flooring to look nice. However, if you have exotic cars that you like to showcase or you have a professional mechanic shop, aesthetics becomes more important.

In either scenario, consider complementary colored epoxy coatings. Whether for a Kansas business or a luxurious home, choose one or more colors that complement the structure. Some options include a warm rust, black with metallic flakes, a sandy color, and a rich brown.

Epoxy Coatings in Kansas Basements

When choosing epoxy for a home basement, you can choose whatever color you prefer. If you are having a home theater installed, red, black, or dark gray would be gorgeous. However, if the basement floor will be used as a place for children to hang out and play, then the sky is the limit. In that case, choose colors that are fun and exciting, like yellow, blue, orange, or green.

The Bottom Line

Typically, for more visible floors, you want colored epoxy coatings that pop and immediately draw people in. The exact color will depend on the impression that you want to make. Although many people go with subdued colors for less visible floors, there are no limitations.

Remember, you can always rely on the experts from Polished and Decorative Concrete. With years of experience and unrivaled expertise, our professionals can offer suggestions for your project.