Polished Concrete

The Benefits of Polished Concrete

The Benefits of Polished concrete are the main reason it has become one of the most popular floor finishes not only in Kansas City but across the nation.  The list of benefits are long but here are some of the top reasons for choosing polished concrete for your business...

Long lasting: Polished Concrete outlasts most any type of concrete and floor finish out there.

Durability: Concrete is the finish, therefore it has the durability of concrete and there are methods to increase its surface strength even further with hardeners and densifyers.

Low Maintenance: Polished Concrete Floors have a smooth easy to clean surface, it can be as easy as passing a dust mop across the surface or using an auto scrubber in larger manufacturing or retail or commercial settings.

Light Reflectivity:  A Smooth honed polished concrete floor surface, will reflect light and provide a better working environment, this improves safety, lighting and lowers electric bills.

With benefits like long lasting durability, extremely low maintenance and increased reflectivity, polished concrete is the right choice for any application. Polishing concrete and using densifiers will actually harden the surface of your concrete floor, making it denser and much more resistant to spills and stains, meaning there is no need for other coatings or sealants.